Introducing Northwest Solution Services

Northwest Solution Services is a comprehensive adult mental health center that was established in 2019, with the goal of providing competent and effective rehabilitation programs for patients of all ages. We firmly believe in the importance of care that exceeds adult patients, genders, and races.

The right mindset changes everything, and we strive to get you there with extensive, professional behavioral health support.

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What We Do Services We Offer

Mental health distress is more common than we think. Here are our behavioral health solutions:

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Basic Living and Social Skills

Bridging the gap between competent care and independent living

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one on one consultation

Certified Peer Specialist Services

Non-clinical activities that encourage & promote self-determination

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group counseling

Community Intervention

Complete social integration within the community for development

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We Are Committed Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to preserve, educate, and advocate for the emotional and social wellness of all our patients, providing care that passes all industry standards and empowers every individual to start an inward change for a greater outward reality.

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